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Kilo Sale Vintage Vera

We are looking forward to welcoming The Vintage Vera Kilo Clothing Sale back to The Gate on the following dates:

  • Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June
  • Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July
  • Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July
  • Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July
  • Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August
  • Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August
  • Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September
  • Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October
  • Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October
  • Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October
  • Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November
  • Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December
  • Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th December

Pop along to discover amazing Grade A vintage clothing, all sold for £20 per kilo!

Find Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Puma, Nike, North Face, Levis, unique vintage pieces and much, much more.

This is a free event, no ticket required.

How does it work?

Browse the amazing selection of vintage clothing

Pick what you like and take it to a weigh station

Pay for the amount you've picked

Leave happy!!

So how much does a kilo weigh?

A kilo is a bag of sugar, or maybe 2 sweat shirts, or 3 flannel shirts or 7 summer dresses or 5 retro football shirts or a denim jacket or 2 pairs of dungarees.....

You mix and match whatever you want and you don't have to buy a full kilo, if all you want is a single t-shirt, that's fine and will cost roughly £3.

Look out for the competitions that will give 3 lucky winners a free kilo each!

Payment can be made in cash or applepay

Doors open at 10.00am, but we recommend getting in early to have first dibs. New stock will be put out all day but for sure some gems will be found early on!

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9am to 3am
9am to 3am
9am to 2am
9am to 2am
9am to 3am
9am to 3am
10am to 2am