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Fall Out 76

On the 14th of November, The CTRL Pad is hosting a special event for the anticipated release of Fallout 76.

The day will be fun filled with activities including quizzes and a Fallout themed egg hunt, with the winners getting a FREE copy of the game!

The CTRL Pad will also be streaming from the venue all day, through their wonderful in-house streaming partners.

They also have a lot of cosplayers, all dressed to survive the wastelands of West Virginia, in Newcastle!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, EVERYONE gets to play the new Fallout 76 for ABSOLUTELY FREE on the day of release!

The day will have something for everyone. So whether you’re a hard-core or casual gamer there will be something on the day for YOU!

To find out more visit The CTRL Pad on first floor at The Gate or contact a member of the team on 07973 496 764.

Fall Out 76